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If you want to use my music in a non-commercial video, game, etc: go on, credit me as Jonathan Gjertsen. If you want to use my music for a commercial project, please send a PM to my main account: http://www.newground s.com/pm/send/buoy (remove the space)

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i'm done.

Posted by SantaBro - February 13th, 2012

lol shut up you guys you have no sense of humor

also, if you want your name removed from that song you'll have to wait a few hours because I'm going to sleep now. But I will remove you.

You guys are really creative btw. First a speakonia insult to me, then a bel air remix, and now a speakonia remix!

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Making a "newgrounds is shit lololol" collab project? That *really* helps. Not to mention, it's ULTRA classy.

that's for fun. :D

He's right, you're wrong, also you will not be missed

almost forgot to add you

Lol, he sent me one too. :<>

Take my name off it please.

is it seriously not possible to take your own name off it? PRICELESS

This was the most fun thing I've experience on newgrounds in awhile. I regret nothing. Godspeed, sir!

I accepted the invite when I saw basically everyone was on it ;)

So, you trolled the Newgrounds audio portal and expect everyone to go along with it?

and everyone except you and rampantmusik did. no need to be a prick.

where the hell did you find my name to invite me?

General forum probably.

Fair enough.
I reviewed one of your serious music projects yesterday , hope you still don't see me as a prick <.<

Aww I'm sorry sweetie you've never been no prick ^.^

and thanks

If it didn't have profanity in the name I would have been a better sport about it. My family listens to my stuff, and they're sorta conservative.

I found it pretty funny, but to be honest, I'd like to be removed, because I don't really have anything to contribute. I tried to come up with something, but everything I tried had already been done with it.

bullshit you just don't want it to show up on your page.

coincidentally you added nearly all of my alts to that thing

Well, you caught me... :'(