i'm done.

2012-02-13 17:57:21 by SantaBro

lol shut up you guys you have no sense of humor

also, if you want your name removed from that song you'll have to wait a few hours because I'm going to sleep now. But I will remove you.

You guys are really creative btw. First a speakonia insult to me, then a bel air remix, and now a speakonia remix!


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2012-02-13 18:22:33

Making a "newgrounds is shit lololol" collab project? That *really* helps. Not to mention, it's ULTRA classy.

SantaBro responds:

that's for fun. :D


2012-02-13 18:22:35

He's right, you're wrong, also you will not be missed

SantaBro responds:

almost forgot to add you


2012-02-13 18:32:15

Lol, he sent me one too. :<>


2012-02-13 18:33:28

Take my name off it please.

SantaBro responds:

is it seriously not possible to take your own name off it? PRICELESS


2012-02-14 00:39:43

This was the most fun thing I've experience on newgrounds in awhile. I regret nothing. Godspeed, sir!


2012-02-14 14:39:51

I accepted the invite when I saw basically everyone was on it ;)


2012-02-14 20:12:57

So, you trolled the Newgrounds audio portal and expect everyone to go along with it?

(Updated ) SantaBro responds:

and everyone except you and rampantmusik did. no need to be a prick.


2012-02-15 08:25:38

where the hell did you find my name to invite me?

SantaBro responds:

General forum probably.


2012-02-15 09:51:10

Fair enough.
I reviewed one of your serious music projects yesterday , hope you still don't see me as a prick <.<

SantaBro responds:

Aww I'm sorry sweetie you've never been no prick ^.^

and thanks


2012-02-15 14:37:42

If it didn't have profanity in the name I would have been a better sport about it. My family listens to my stuff, and they're sorta conservative.


2012-02-19 15:48:04

I found it pretty funny, but to be honest, I'd like to be removed, because I don't really have anything to contribute. I tried to come up with something, but everything I tried had already been done with it.

SantaBro responds:

bullshit you just don't want it to show up on your page.


2012-02-20 03:48:19

coincidentally you added nearly all of my alts to that thing


2012-03-05 14:39:30

Well, you caught me... :'(